Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kindness, Cheerfulness & Cancer

So many things to tell you today...

The trip to the gym this morning was eventful. A good workout, some amusing stories to relay and the ever present closed captioning word of the day. Ready?

Okay. So, today I witnessed some random acts of kindness. Pretty impressive at 6:15in the morning, but since I tend to believe the best of people it was nice to see. The first was when a gentleman helped pick up another gentleman's oxygen tank after it had tipped over. Now you don't usually see a lot of big oxygen tanks at the gym, but you have to hand it to this guy. He needed to work out and along came the tank. And a purple Crown Royale bag to hold his belongings tied to the oxygen tank. At least I'm assuming his belongings were in it and not Crown Royale. You wouldn't bring alcohol to a gym now would you? But wasn't that nice of someone else to help him pick up his oxygen tank?

The next act of kindness I witnessed was while I was riding feverishly on the recumbent bike. (Speaking of which, I really need to ask someone how to make those things work never has much resistance. Hmm.) There was a woman trying to adjust that ungodly glute machine where you lay across it and curl your legs towards your butt. She tried pushing the leg pad arm thingy down to no avail. So, along came a big guy who apparently had just done some chest exercises because it got there before he did. "I'll get that for you," he booms. And then proceeds to struggle with it just like she did. Until they both notice the lever on the side that they need to pull. Ta-Da! Isn't that so sweet that he fixed it for her? (And then stayed there making sure she didn't need anything else....and then walked by her 3 more times to say hi...)

Such nice acts of random kindness so early in the morning. And such a great source of amusement.

As I got ready to leave I was saying goodbye to the nice guy who works at the desk in the mornings. He remarked that he always likes when I come in in the morning, because I'm always so friendly and cheerful. Awwww.... How nice. Anyone who has seen me before my fourth cup of coffee would have trouble believing there's any cheerfulness in my morning at 6am, but alas, on gym mornings there is. It made me think. And yes, hard as it is to believe, it makes me happy to go to the gym first thing in the morning. Even before I've had coffee. I think it's the whole "doing something for myself" thing. That, and knowing that my coffee will be waiting when I come home and I can get a shower. (Thanks for the coffee, hubby!) The little things.

And one more thing. My hubby's family has a history of colorectal cancer and his brother is currently receiving chemo for it. While looking online for information about the experimental drugs available for cancer that has metastasized into the liver yesterday I came across an interesting fact. Did you know that exercise can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 40-50%? 40-50%. That's huge. And in people who have had surgery to remove the cancer, those who exercised after the surgery (no matter what their level of fitness was prior to the surgery) reduced their chances of having a recurrence by 40% too! Colorectal cancer kills more people each year than any other type of cancer.

So, get up, get moving and stay healthy. Because no one deserves to lose a husband or daddy or brother or uncle or wife or mommy or sister or aunt.... (Nudge, nudge)

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