Monday, July 14, 2008


Not only is working at night conducive to weight loss, but it's also pretty good for catching body achy colds. Ugh.

Today was my one day to go to the gym early, but after a rough night of feeling awful it was clear I was going nowhere.

My darling husband took the day off, so that he could help with the kids while I snoozed. What a great man!

I actually went to the doctor' myself, for myself! Don't be surprised if it snows. The good thing about it was that my weight was down a bit and much lower (by about 10 pounds) from the last time I was there before I got pregnant with the baby. So, I've got my supply of antibiotics to rid my throat of the golf balls that have apparently lodged in there and will be back to sleep shortly.

Oh, and I received the same "words of wisdom" (or warning!) from the residents of the nursing home...that zucchini is going to be full of seeds. Don't worry, next time I won't let it get that big!

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