Monday, October 20, 2008

My Beef with the 3 Day

I think everyone who walks 60 miles for any disease is a hero. Seriously. 60 miles is a looooong way and to do it in 3 days...well, that just takes a special kind of person. My mom did it and my friend, Melissa, has done it 3 times. They're amazing women in my book.

My beef with the walk isn't the walk itself or what they're raising money to fight. My issue with it is the "if you don't raise enough money (i.e. - at least $2300) you can't walk OR you can charge the rest yourself and pay the amount you didn't raise." Super big kudos to those men and women who DO raise the money. That's a lot of money - especially in these times.

But for those who have trained and raised money, but have not raised enough disheartening. I received an email from a woman I barely know asking for funds. She had raised $1800, but it wasn't enough. So, here she was, a week before the event, trying desparately to raise hundreds of dollars so that she would be allowed to walk 60 miles. Allowed to walk 60 miles. Is $1800 too little of an amount? Really?

I'm ALL for using fitness to make a difference, but when a charity says that an almost $2K donation is not turns me off.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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