Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Attack at the Nursing Home

I've been attacked.

Three crescent moon shaped gauges now reside in my left wrist. Thank goodness I'm right-handed.

Yes, apparently, being a CNA is not only hard, underpaid, weight-loss inducing, but highly rewarding work, it's also DANGEROUS and potentially SCAR-PRODUCING!

The kids are fascinated by my bandages. Notice the plural. BandageS. Multiple bandages.

So, it happened with the last resident on my assignment. Jane Doe (obviously, not her real name) decided to lunge out of bed and dig her amazingly sharp nails into my wrist while commenting that I was a woman of the night...all because, well, because Alzheimers is the worst disease ever.

On a side note, I lost another pound. Wahoo. Go me!

(I'll try to post pictures of my war wounds later. I know you're dying to see them.)

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