Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OMG, it's GILAD! and some other stuff

Like a beacon in the night, there he was. Popping up on my computer screen like some fit hunk of exercising goodness. His gaze piercing, his hair plugs darkened. Yes! It was GILAD! (Amy, I thought of you. Hey, where ARE you anyway?!)

I got an email from Discovery Health about their 2009 Body Challenge and I checked it out, because I'm not above wanting a free 90 gym membership to Bailey's. Yeah, only this year they were cheap-o and no free membership. Darn it. I was disappointed and slightly annoyed when I happened to glance down at the bottom of the screen and SAW HIM! WHO KNEW that all roads (or clicks) lead back to GILAD?!

I'm having high school nightmare flashbacks right. this. very. minute.

I'm seriously considering having a Gilad DVD as a Gym Mama Giveaway one week. Amy, I hope you win. (And I repeat...where ARE you anyway?!)


So, I got so carried away seeing that Gilad DVD that I forgot to mention that I worked out this weekend on the treadmill. And yes. It WAS turned on. 3 miles in 30 minutes, thank you very much. I feel lighter and slightly less winded because of it.

It also gave me a chance to think about why I like working out in my very own laundry room/treadmill room/food storage area. Here's my Top Ten:

1. I can sing as loud as I want and no one will kick me out.

2. I can sweat and not worry about looking...sweaty.

3. I can do laundry (if my husband would ever bring it TO the laundry room, and btw, honey, I'm sorry you're out of boxers, but really, I can't carry the baby and the laundry down 2 flights of stairs without maxing out our health insurance coverage) and exercise at the same time.

4. I can walk at 2.0 mph without feeling guilty, because there's some lunatic going 8.0 mph next to me. (Seriously, you're on a treadmill. No matter how fast you run you're not going to get any further than right here.)

5. Did I mention I can sing as loud as I want and no one will kick me out?

6. I can finish exercising, walk upstairs and be in the kitchen. Hello, carbohydrates!

7. There is no one skinnier in the room than me.

8. I don't have to pay dues.

9. It takes me 10 seconds to get there.

10. I can sing as loud as I want and no one will kick me out. Did I say that already?

So, there's the top 10. Exciting as always. =)

By the way, I am still trying to find 10 walks that fit into my schedule. I haven't given up. =)

Oh! And go enter the Gym Mama Weekly Giveaway! You could win. =)


P/F said...

Hey Gym Mama, I'm still here! I've been reading more sporadically lately (part of New Year's goals to focus on)but also started my own blog - mainly to keep me accountable on exercise.

Of course you'd bring me out of the woodwork for a Gilad post (lots of Total Body Sculpt over the holidays). Did an old school Bodies in Motion workout around New Years -very silly and fun.

Also, just got a new DVD (love) - Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. It is really, really good. There are three 20 minute workouts on it and even Level 1 is challenging (but not hard to follow).

Love the idea of Gym Mama. In the last couple of years, I've been focusing more on what I can do to be of service to others, sometimes I think that *I* actually get more benefit from helping out.

Blogger name is different, but of course I'm still reading :)


P/F said...

...And, look at the back muscles on that man! C'mon, how old is he? Because he STILL looks amazing (maybe even better than when he was younger)!