Monday, February 16, 2009

BMI & Body Fat

When I started this blog last April I had 66 pounds of body fat according to the scanner from you-know-where that they made me do at the gym. That's a lot of fat. Yes, I'd just had a baby. Well, "just" as in "just 4 months ago". But still....66 pounds of fat. And a BMI that indicated that I was way too heavy. Not exactly encouraging numbers.

So, as you can probably imagine, going to get some health screenings done this weekend was not something I was overly excited about. But, I'm a mystery shopper in my secret life and I had signed up to do an evaluation of a heart health presentation at the local grocery store. So, I had no choice. I had to go.

WELL, I am happy, happy, happy to report that I have lost 40 pounds of fat and my BMI is at the LOW end of healthy. My cholesterol is good (although my fingertip is bruised from that stupid needle stick and I have newfound respect for diabetics everywhere). My blood pressure was higher than normal, but I think the demo cuff was off. Either that or the guy in front of me should have been rushed to the hospital, because his was verging on instant heart attack.

I was so excited I even called my husband when I left the store & told him I want to start working out again every day. Now that we've moved the baby's crib to her own room and she's not nursing at night just maybe I'll start getting up at 6 every morning to workout. There's hope! And 40 pounds less fat!

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