Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Body Mechanics, Kids Clothes and Handmade News

We had our church's children's consignment sale this weekend. It's always a production, but after 5 sales I've got a routine going that makes things run smoother. Thank heavens!

I had taken off of work during the days, but had forgotten to request off on Saturday and Sunday nights. That, let me just tell you, was a bummer. And apparently, there was no love for me while I was gone, because I had 6 residents each night. That's a lot of lifting and bending and twisting and turning. By Monday morning I was sore!

I think the muscle strain and neck pain that I've been getting these last few months is related to work actually. Work and working on my laptop while sitting on the sofa. Definitely not good body mechanics going on in this body. I'll have to work on it.

On an entirely different note, HandmadeNews.org is going to launch this week. I think tomorrow actually. I have two articles submitted, so we'll see what happens and when they'll post. I'll let you know. I'm really excited about writing for them and can't believe they picked me. I feel very special. Seriously, I do. Go me!

This picture is just a bonus. It's my dad and my youngest son playing video games together. They crack me up. =)

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