Saturday, May 16, 2009

We're Walking!

We started our Walk Across America program this week. I'm joining my mom and her older sister, aka, my aunt. My mom and I decided that maybe calling one another at 6am every morning was not going to be the best plan. Things might happen, like we oversleep, or in some cases, just catch up on sleep. No, the 6am wake-up call was just too much pressure and way too early.

So, the kids and I went for a couple of walks at our local parks. There's one that's particularly fun and although there is no play equipment the boys love the natural surroundings. We spent some time discussing and watching caterpillars, bird watching, and talking about irrigation. It was a solid day of lessons and exercise. Did I mention the boys ran almost the entire two miles? Where they get the energy is beyond me. I thought for sure they'd want a long nap that afternoon. Apparently, I was mistaken. I was ready for a nap, but they were ready to play.

Here are some pictures from our jaunt. As you can see, I am, for some reason, having fun taking pictures of flowers lately. Go figure.

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Marion said...

The flowers are beautiful. Nice pictures. Sure wish we could bottle some of the energy children have, we'd be millionaires. :-)