Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2 Miles of Snakes, Tracks & Spandex

The kids and I went for another walk at our local nature park this morning. It was not raining, thank heavens, for the first time all week and we needed to burn off some energy. Well, let me rephrase that. THE BOYS needed to burn off some energy. I would have been fine curled up on the sofa with a good book and coffee while paying a nanny to corral them. No, not really, but it was a thought.

So, we went and walked/they ran 2 miles. We stopped and admired some fresh animal tracks. Discussed what type of animal they may have been from and all sorts of school-ish things that made me happy to be homeschooling.

We stopped, had a snack, and discussed other school-ish the slope of the farm land, irrigation, camouflage and animals, the wonderful smell of honeysuckle, poison ivy, composting, trout farms, ant behavior and why overweight people should not wear spandex. I think that just about covers everything they need to know about walking in public, don't you?

We also saw an awesome snake who posed ever so nicely for us. We named him George and promised to visit again some other time.

It was a good walk. We were all properly energized and slightly sore at the end, but our constant investigation of the nature around us eased the majority of possible discomfort. It's supposed to rain for the next 2 days, so let's hope this helped to curb some of their energy for the next 48 hours.


Your Greatest Protection said...

Very nice Garter snake picture! That is great that you are teaching the kids not to be afraid of them. I use to keep a lot of baby ones as pets every spring!

Marion said...

Outdoor schooling, that's wonderful! The tracks are good for them to learn and will play well with the Jungle Theme day I have planned for them in August.

jinx1764 said...

Sounds great, ah to be able to go for a long walk again.....sigh, lol! Soon very soon!