Sunday, July 5, 2009

10th Anniversary, Blueberries, Music & Ice Cream

Friday was my 10th wedding anniversary! Mr. GymMama and I are both surprised, in a good way, that 10 years have gone so quickly. We took the kids to Willow Creek Orchards, a local organic farm, and picked our own blueberries. SIX pounds of blueberries from four small bushes. Six pounds is A LOT of blueberries! But they're delicious and organic and it was FUN! Normally, we go out to dinner and worry the whole time about the kids. It's nice, but this year we went to dinner and listened to music. It was great!

Through Blockhead Radio I'd heard the music of Chris Huff, who just happens to be local, and who just happened to be playing at a restaurant about 15 minutes from us on Friday night. So, guess who we went to see? Yep, the music was great and it was fun to meet him. The company of Mr. GymMama was pretty awesome too. =)

On Saturday, the 4th of July, we took the kids to a local parade and park where they had music and activities all day. Here are my guys and Baby Girl waiting for the parade to start.
The fireworks launch about 150 yards from our front door, so all we needed to do was look up to see them.

We went for a family jaunt this morning to Valley Forge National Park. We walked about a mile to the Memorial Arch and then back again to the van. Since it's summer and the high-time for visitors, the park had "soldiers" explaining their outfits and weapons. There was also a demonstration of the cooking, etc. from some Revolutionary War period garbed men and women. Baby Girl was a little freaked out when one of the interestingly dressed men spoke to her, but the boys & Mr. GymMama thought it was neat. Then we went off for ice cream, because no trip is complete without it. It felt like a mini-vacation ten minutes from home. What a great morning!


Marion said...

Glad you had such a great weekend. But where is a picture of you with the children? :-)

Gym Mama said...

Ha! I have one, but there's no way I'm posting it online! I look atrocious. ;)

jinx1764 said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! Cool! We had BBQ with our family and watched fireworks in the heat, lol!