Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back from Hiatus

It's not like I've really been gone or not writing, in fact, it's more the opposite. I've been writing so much lately that my little fingers are about to be typed off. I was recently, as in 2 weeks recently, promoted from a columnist on to the Department Editor of the Crafts for Kids section. Since we're down 3 columnists I've had to make up for the missing articles.

The funny thing about that is that the boys have been subjected to more arts and crafts activities than ever before. Their fine motor skills are getting a workout that's for sure.

But it's fun and our page views have nearly doubled in only two weeks. That alone is amazing. And exciting. VERY exciting.

If you're a writer (or would like to be!) and are interested in writing for the department please email me. There is compensation! Wahoo! =)

Also, if you get a chance, join me on Monday night (8-10 CST) on Twitter under the name @Crafts4KidsHMN for the Homeschool Twitter Chat (#hsc) on incorporating art into the homeschool curriculum. You'll have a chance to win one of 5 Kids' Craft Packages and a $25 gift certificate!

Love you all!

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