Friday, January 15, 2010

Today's Revelation

I have decided not to fill in the rest of the 100 things in 100 days list. Why? Quite simply, because I don't have the time. Besides, I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with the goals I set forth. So, I will do what I've set forth already and go from there. It's a welcoming relief.

A friend, with whom I had lost contact for far too many years, asked me what has changed since last we spoke. Over three years of lost time is hard to summarize in a few paragraphs. But I did my best and have been pondering my response ever since. What has changed in three and a half years? A lot. Me. At least I hope.

One of the most life changing aspects of the last three and a half years for me was definitely working at the nursing home (boy, how I miss my residents!). It's humbling to work with people who are in the final stags of their lives, to talk with them and gain insight from them. It's immensely humbling. And the greatest lesson I've learned was not how to cook a better pasta sauce or grow a garden, it was that your legacy, my legacy, is in the relationships that we build.

At the end of my life it won't matter that there were dishes in the sink at the end of the day or laundry that piled by the washer. What will matter is the time I spent playing with my children and laughing with my husband, the call I give my best friend on her 36th birthday (today!!) and spending the afternoon drinking tea with my mother in law. Those things will matter, because that's what's important. Building connections.

And so, to my friend, who has been long absent from my life, welcome back. Life passes to quickly. And to that list of 100 things...I'll get to you when I can. Right now I have a date to play Uno.

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