Thursday, March 25, 2010

I've Been Outed aka Hurry Up & Update

Tonight I was outed. Oh, yes. A nice new follower on Twitter just mentioned my blog and (*gasp*) linked to it. OH DEAR GOD! Write something QUICK!

It's true, I've been remiss in updating so I'm going to cram 60 days into 60 seconds. In fact, I have at some point or other in the last two months (!) forgotten I have a blog. No, not really, but I simply haven't had time. There are these other things that have taken over....they're called kids and work. And not necessarily in that order all the time.

Ah, the joy of being a working-teaching-nurturing-french fry burning-stay-at-home mom. It never ends.

Let's get to the the job, working the job, loving the job, no more ER trips (*knock on wood thank you very much*), trips to Grandma's, homeschool-love-it-hate-it-sessions, bought a Shark Steam Mop (yeah, seriously, this is a highlight), shoveled more snow than is healthy, got sick from and of shoveling snow, tried to paint the living room as a "surprise" (not so good), got an iPhone, downloaded Kindle for the iPhone, sneak the iPhone everywhere I go so I can read books on the it, more lunches with Grandma, found an awesome babysitter (thank you, God!), almost tipped my van over (yes, Mom, we're fine), found out more about software development than I ever wanted to know, lost power for almost 15 hours, bought more candles- a LOT more candles, annnnnd a bunch of other things that were a lot less exciting since I cannot, apparently, remember anymore.

So, thank you, new Twitter follower for pushing me to update the blog.

Please post the link again in two months so I can update again.

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the happy honeybee said...

Sounds busy but happy! So glad everything is going well.