Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And We Lose Another One.

When Dan and I first moved to Arizona, we lived in a ground floor, corner apartment with three windows, a loud truck that parked outside our bedroom window at 6am every morning, and a spring door stopper on the bedroom door. That spring door stopper would become the favorite toy of two cats that we adopted from a shelter a few months after. They'd reach under the door and hit the stopper at 3am so we would wake to hearing "doooing" echoing throughout the room.
Skittles and Snickers. They were part of the "Candy Family" at the shelter and Skittles was, by far, the more outgoing one. Always looking for a snuggle, always looking to play, and always protective of his brother. In fact, we had no intention of getting two cats, but the shelter said they really wanted the two to stay together and we had fallen in love with Skittles instantly.

When Kato, our 130lb. german shep/lab mix, died in July, Skittles never quite recovered. His depression was immediate and he started hiding out in the bathroom, behind the curtain on the window. He rarely went downstairs and stopped eating. We knew he wasn't going to be around for much longer, but when we awoke to find he had passed during the night, it was still crushing.

Two beloved pets gone in a matter of two months. Snickers, I fear, will not last long without his brother. And that is a day I dread.

Miss you, sweet Skittles...

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