Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The "Testosterone Zone"

Leaving a few minutes later in the morning makes a world of difference. The sky was lighter, the sound of the world waking up was in the air and there were a few more cars on the road. Not a whole lot of difference in the gym though. It seems as though there's a consistent flow of people through the building throughout the day. No one time seems any less crowded than any other. A peculiarity for a gym.

So this morning I smartly avoided the Cardio Killer and went straight for the treadmill. After stretching of course. And untangling my iPod. (By the way, thank you for the iPod, honey. It's working out great!) And getting a sip of water. I was stalling, but chose to think of it as "letting my body wake up." Positive self-talk, right?

After 10 minutes on the treadmill I hopped down and almost propelled myself into the row of Cardio Killers behind me. I apparently had a bit too much pep in my step as I stepped down. Alas, no harm done, but I think the woman whose machine I almost ran into was given quite a shock. Hey, I'm just helping get her heart rate up.

Upper body resistance training was on tap for today, so I headed into the (drumroll please!) "Testosterone Zone"! It's the part of the gym with free weights and big, bulky men who wear those ripped shirts and have names like "Bud". Okay, maybe that's stereotyping, but you know the type. Although Shawn assured me women use the "Testosterone Zone" there was nary another woman in sight. I must say, it's slightly intimidating venturing into that area of the gym alone, but I did it. Of course, I did my reps without making eye contact with anyone and hightailed it out of there to the safety of the Arm Curl Machine. I felt like I should receive a t-shirt or prize for venturing in and coming back safely. "I survived 'The Testosterone Zone'!"

A bit more cardio and abs and my workout wrapped up for the morning. I'm thinking of going to the Mat Pilates class this afternoon, but that's all going to depend on if I can still move. We'll have to wait and see!

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