Monday, April 21, 2008

Gym Mama meets the "Cardio Killers"

A 5am wake-up call from my 4 month old made getting up and going to the gym this morning not so bad. I hadn't planned on going quite so early, but I couldn't sleep after trying to crawl back into bed. So, by 5:39 I was in the car and on my way.

One great advantage of going so early was that there was NO traffic. In fact, it was still pretty dark outside and it seemed like the rest of the world was still asleep. Lo, and behold, as I approached the intersection by the gym I could see the glow from the lights and just make out small figures feverishly ellipting...or whatever it is that you actually call the motion on the elliptical machine.

Speaking of elliptical machines....I've decided they're mighty deceptive. I mean, they look so easy! That gentle gliding sort-of motion and handlebars that look like they'd help and not make the workout harder make the machines look so appealing. So, I decided that they would be my warm-up cardio machine of choice today. After using one for, I kid you not, 57 seconds, I decided I should rename them "Cardio Killers". They're tough little buggers! Needless to say, I was quite relieved when 5 minutes of warm-up was over! Of course, the guy on the one next to me was ellipting like a mad-man and I was to the point where I knew walking was going to be a challenge.

I made it to the towel & sanitizer dispenser and back without collapsing on my jelly legs, so I felt mighty accomplished. It doesn't take much.

I went through a lower body resistance routine using what I could remember from my session with Shawn and I must have done pretty good, because, boy, are my legs angry at me now! They don't hurt, they're just really not that happy. Abs were okay...I really tried to target my "baby belly" and set a goal for myself for tomorrow to do at least one more of each exercise tomorrow. Baby steps, right?

The funniest part was when I got on the treadmill to do my 15 minutes of "fat burning cardio". The poor machine was terrified that I had already reached my maximum heart rate (that's what I get for not exercising for 6 years!) and wouldn't incline or speed up beyond 2 miles an hour without me repeatedly hitting the increase button. It kept displaying, "You have reached your maximum heart rate. We will adjust the speed and incline to keep you on target." I think I could have had the machine turned off and sat down on it and my heart rate STILL would have been high! Apparently, this too will improve as I become more fit.

I've decided that I like this gym though. The people there look like regular people....and they sweat. I'm not a big fan of sweating really, but if I have to be sweating I sure as heck don't want to be the only one doing it!

So,Day 2 is done. And it's only 9:23 in the morning. A good start to the week!

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