Friday, May 16, 2008

The Pedometer Thermometer

Since the Family Circle Walking Challenge began on Monday I have been faithfully strapping on my pedometer each day to record my steps. My sons, being the ever so observant and inquisitive children that they are, inquired about it. The conversation went like this...

"Mommy, what is that thing you have on you?" (Son #2)

"It's a pedometer. It counts the steps I take, so that I make sure I'm getting enough exercise during the day." (Mom a.k.a. Me)

"Why do you wear it on your pants? Wouldn't it make more sense to wear it on your shoes?" (Son #1)

"Hmm...Well, I guess so, but this counts when my hip moves, I think, and that equals a step." (Mom)

"Aren't you worried it will count as two steps?" (Son #1)

"No, not really. Are you?" (Mom)

"Yeah." (Son #1)

"Why?" (Mom)

"Well, your hips are so big that the thermometer might think you're taking two steps instead of just one and then you wouldn't really be getting enough exercise." (Son #1) (And yes, he said "thermometer".)

"My hips are so big?" (Mom)

"Yeah, 'cause you're a lady. And sometimes ladies have, you know, like bigger hips than kids. 'Cause we're smaller." (Son #2)

"Uh-huh. Well, I'm pretty sure it's accurate, but thank you for your concern. Now, why don't you go play?" (Mom)

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