Thursday, May 15, 2008

1lb.+ 1 lb. = 2 lbs.

Two pounds. It may not seem like a lot, but two pounds is two pounds. Two pounds less than what I weighed last week and two pounds less than before I got pregnant last year. Wahoo!

The scale was my friend today. It isn't always, but today we were like long lost buddies.

So,this morning I went to the gym REALLY early. 5:30am early. The baby had woken up and instead of going back to sleep for 15 minutes I just got dressed and went. Although I REALLY wanted those 15 minutes of sleep. In fact, I almost had those 15minutes of sleep while walking on the treadmill. There's something hypnotic about the sight of someone running in front of you that makes you just want to close you eyes and fall asleep. Although I think the word "fall" is the key word, because that's what would surely happen.

I've also discovered that it's quite a dangerous endeavor to try crunches and sit-ups while tired. You know why? Yep, that's right....because you have to lay down to do them. Cushy mat(nevermind that a sweaty guy was just doing sit-ups right by you), rythmic thumping of people walking and running on the treadmill....perfect conditions for a short nap. I like to think of it as "stretching-with-my-eyes-closed."

Ah well, two pounds down is worth not getting 15 minutes more sleep. And if you're planning on calling me today...try not to do it between 12-3....I plan on catching short snooze between then.

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