Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some things...

Some things I've learned about exercising, fitness and myself...

1. I'm a morning workout gal.

2. As much as I love the recumbent bike, it always makes my knees hurt. Darn it.

3. Exercise makes me feel good.

4. Not exercising does not make me feel good.

5. The number on the scale means less than how my jeans fit.

6. It's not selfish to want to exercise for my own health.

7. Core strength and balance are great things...if you have them. If not, things can get dicey.

8. Exercise clothes are comfortable. They make me want to wear them all day, everywhere.

9. I'm not as strong as I thought I was, but I'm a lot stronger than I was.

10. Bathing suits are evil, evil things and magazines lie....there is no "perfect fit."

11. Bouncy, cushioned treadmills are harder to walk on. (See #7 for an explanation)

12. Wearing a pedometer is kinda fun.

13. Classes would be fun to take...if there was no one else around.

14. I like blogging about exercising. It's fun to write and makes me want to exercise. Otherwise, I have nothing to write about.

15. I like exercising. (Who ever would have thought I'd say that?!)

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