Friday, May 30, 2008

Traumatized at the Gym

Oh my gosh, I saw the scariest thing this morning at the gym! No, not thighs in spandex (although that would have been traumatizing too). A spinning class!

You see, I've seen this "Spinning Class" listed on the class schedule for 5:30am now for a month and I've yet to actually see the class. "How hard could it be?" I wondered. There's no one in the aerobics room, so where exactly is this "Spinning Class"?! Well, today, I saw it!

There's actually this room off to the side of the aerobics room and it's crammed with these giant bikes. You know why I never noticed it before?? It's because they hold the class in the DARK! No lights on in the room except for the faint pin point glow of the stereo! Who rides a bike in the DARK?? WHY would you ride a bike in the dark?

Seeing that immediately made me cross that class off of my "List of Classes That I'll Someday Take When I Feel Like Inflicting A Lot Of Bodily Harm On Myself", I'll tell you that! Oh, and as if riding in the dark wasn't a deterrent enough, guess how long the class lasts! Just guess. Take a wild stab at it.

NINETY MINUTES! 90! 9-0! That there class is for the masochistic, I tell you. Who rides a bike to nowhere in the dark for NINETY minutes at 5:30 in the morning?! At least it explains why I've never seen anyone coming or going from the class. I guess the ambulance just pulls up at 7. It would make would be consistent business for them.

I think I'm traumatized.

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