Thursday, June 12, 2008

Update on the Kiddos

My youngest son's visit to the doctor went well. His daddy came home from work and took him - thank you, wonderful husband of mine. No fractures of the finger, optimism that the nail will grow back, and no pain. He has a really high pain tolerance, so if he says something hurts you just know it hurts bad! No pain today though.

He still has to wear his finger splint for "anytime he's going to be active." Which in his case is 24/7. No swimming for 2 weeks and a return check-up next Thursday morning.

My oldest son's doctor's visit was...okay. My suspicions of the marks being cafe-au-lait spots was confirmed. As was my concern that there are some pretty scary things associated with cafe-au-lait spots. Especially the size and number of them that he has (8). The doctor advised me not to worry at this point (Ha!) and that we'd just keep an eye on them until his next well-check in November. More info. on Neurofibromastosis can be found HERE. He has no other symptoms, so who knows, maybe they're just spots.

So, that was our exciting morning. Much more excitement like this and I'm going to either own stock in a cookie company or be thin as a rail. Anyone know of a cookie diet??

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