Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wild Wednesday

I had planned to tell you all about my gym jaunt yesterday morning when I got home, but things went awry.

My youngest son had decided to slam his bedroom door yesterday morning while I was at the gym and ended up slamming his 4 year old finger soundly in the heavy wooden door. After convincing him that I really did need to see what was under the bandaid that his daddy had put on, it was clear that an ER trip was on tap for the day. He orignally wanted me to go with him, but changed his mind at the last moment and asked his dad to go instead. Which, my husband assures me, was a good thing. His fingernail fell out and the doctor had to put it back in. Twice...because he moved his hand the first time. My husband said the screaming was unbearrable. It makes me cringe and shudder just thinking about how much it must have hurt. Oh, and to numb it they gave him two his finger. ugh. IF his nail starts to grow again that will be the ideal, but there's a very real chance that his nail may not grow, in which case, he will never have a nail on his finger.

So, they got home around noon and I zoomed out to pick up my nieces who were spending the afternoon with us after they got done their last day of school. My oldest son and youngest niece spent about 2 hours in the pool and had a blast.

Then when my son was getting out of the pool he grabbed onto the rail of the ladder and there was a bug of some sort that decided to bite him. Poor kid screamed bloody murder. I got him some Benadryl and ice and helped him get changed into his clothes. Of course, when I helped him get changed I noticed these weird semi-dark patches on his chest, back, arm and the back of his neck. Almost like the melasma from the mask of pregnancy, but of course, not on the face nor resulting from pregnancy. My nieces' mom came to pick them up and she looked at them too, but had the same "huh" reaction that we had. Very weird and not there before he went swimming.

Being the "neurotic freak" (thank you for the term of endearment, darling husband *grin*) that I am, I started looking up melasma on the internet. Melasma led to cafe-au-lait marks which led to neurofibromatosis (sp?) and a bunch of other scary diseases. So, this morning I have to call the family doctor to get my oldest in for his weird spots and to schedule a 6 month check-up for the baby, and then I have to call the orthopaedist for my youngest son to make sure his finger wasn't fractured on the growth plate below the nail.

So, keep us all in your prayers today please. It's gonna be a doozy.

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