Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Did ya' watch it??

Did you watch it? The Biggest Loser season started last night and it was, as always, a time to reflect on the size of my thighs. Always slightly depressing. I must admit though that since I'm now smaller than I was before I got pregnant for the third time it wasn't quite as depressing. I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

So this morning I'm ready to face fitness head-on again. Well, maybe not THIS morning, but sometime soon. Like maybe tomorrow. Depends how much sleep I get.

This weekend is building up to be crazy and hectic, so maybe starting NEXT week would be better. Besides, I've got a cold. OMG, I sound like I did in April, don't I?

My church is having our Little Angels Consignment Sale this weekend (and I run it), so it's always a crazy time. We have a VERY cool gift basket from one of our vendors, Your Greatest Protection. You can check out their website here. Rest assured, the gift basket doesn't include pepper spray or stun guns...just some awesome child protection things that will make losing the kids at the park a bit more challenging. =)

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