Friday, September 12, 2008

Why a Charity Challenge?

Okay, so I've been getting asked why a charity challenge...especially in these tough economic times. I have to be honest and say that originally, I was thinking of maybe just getting some girlfriends together and putting money in a pot that we'd win at the end. No charity, just money. My husband, as he's reading this, is probably bemoaning the fact that I didn't stick with that idea. =)

Let me explain...

Sure, money to pay bills, especially around Christmas, is always great. But I don't want my motivation to lose weight to be something fleeting. I want my motivation to be for my health and to help others. You may agree and you may not. And that's okay. But for me...this is a great chance to motivate myself and help others at the same time.

The charity I'm competing for? I'm not sure yet. I haven't quite decided. There are so many and so many stories to go with each one. It's hard to pick just one knowing that so many could put the money to good use. I'll let you know when I decided.

In the meantime...register. We still have spots left and you'll feel better knowing you're making a difference....for yourself and others.

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