Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Food, Mom and Morning Workouts

The smorgasboard (I like the word too, Jer) yesterday was yummy. And big. Although my meal consisted of mostly a salad, some mashed potatoes, some cold roast beef that should have been eaten warm, and a dish of apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. It's tough feeding a baby miniature size bites of things and still eating your food while it's warm. Impossible really.

Well, my mom flies back tomorrow. What a quick two weeks! Don't you find that time goes so much faster as you get older? Scary. Anyway, a wonderful time was had with my mom and it wasn't so much that we did anything super was just being together that was fun. That's the way it should be.

I was thinking of starting to walk on the treadmill again tomorrow morning. It sounds like a good idea now, but tomorrow at 6am I may have second thoughts. So, please, don't hold me to it. We're also going to hit the library tomorrow, so I'll be checking out the exercise DVDs....maybe I'll get lucky and find Gilad. A girl can dream.

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Amy said...

If you have fitTV, you should check out Total Body Sculpt w/ Gilad. TiVo is the one of the best inventions for working out (second to iPod).

Hope your library's better than mine. Old Kathy Smith (which I liked in high school), and some Civil War documentaries - that's about all I could find in my (small) town library.