Thursday, October 23, 2008


Honestly, it's not that I didn't want to workout this morning...I was just sleeping instead. I hesitate to use the term "oversleeping", because that implies that you've had quite a bit of rest already. Somehow 6 hours of interrupted-every-45-minutes sleep hardly qualifies as a good night's rest. So, at 6am I am happy to report that I was sleeping. Finally.

My darling husband will be home later and I don't have to work tonight, so I may just hop on the old treadmill this afternoon. We didn't make it to the library to pick up DVDs (poky homeschooling children today), so unfortunately there will be no Gilad for me this evening.

Thanks for the fitTV tip, Amy, but we are a cable-less household. That leaves me yoga with the 85 year old lady in pink spandex at 5am on PBS. I'm certain TiVo was NOT created for that! ;)

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Amy said...

Don't make fun of Priscilla - I TiVo her too! :) She reminds me of the terrific 72-year-old yoga instructor that I had until I moved a few years ago, my best instructor ever.

I admire your 'no cable' stance, and have tried to convince my husband of this in the past - he patently refuses since tv pays our bills (I know -yuck). What we pay Directv would pay for the Y membership and then some.

Find anything good at the library? I'm about to do a P90X workout today(confidential to you - I'm not a big fan, it's boring, he talks too much for me, and I feel like I get more from Cathe and Gilad - I wouldn't be doing it if not to encourage my husband to keep it up. He needs a goal and definitive structure to keep up any workout).

I've heard lots of great things about "the Firm" videos. The style isn't for me, but I have friends with rabid devotion to it. They say the Firm "changed their lives." I did see some from that series at my library - let me know if it's for you and I'll ask a couple of friends which ones are better than others.

Off to do my workout *yawn*.