Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gilad & Omar

First, let me give a big ol' THANK YOU to Amy for the encouraging stay-at-home workout tips! Thanks for taking the time to post AND for bringing up Gilad. You brought back some funny memories...

So, the year was 1990. I was a sophmore in high school. Gym class was a dreaded thing. That is until our gym teacher took pity and offered "Aerobics." Aerobics guessed it...Gilad! None of us could keep up, but boy was it funny. I think we got more of a workout laughing than actually moving. Good memories. Thanks, Amy! =)


Well, Hurricane Omar is headed straight for my dad. Really. Straight. For. Him. It's supposed to pass over St. Thomas around midnight tonight and my parents live on an island in the harbor of Charlotte Amalie. If you've been on a cruise you may have waved to them while coming or going...especially if you've been docked at Crown Bay. Anyway, the hurricane is coming right for them. My mom is up here visiting, but my dad is there by himself. So, keep him in your prayers. Keep them all in your prayers.

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Amy said...

Thanks for mentioning my comment. Glad everyone's okay (re:Omar). Always worry about people on the islands when any hurricane sweeps through. I'm sometimes frustrated by the lack of info.on the news here in the states. Thank goodness for the internet.

Gilad from the '90s?