Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Putting It Off

I'm putting it off. Unfortunately, I'm not talking about the weight. I'm talking about the gym membership. I can put it on hold and I'm putting it off. I know I have to. Really, what's the point in paying for it if I can't get out the door to go?

But it feels like giving up.

And that I don't like.

So, I have a few more days until I have to make those dreaded keystrokes and resign myself to giving it a go at home. Which I doubt will actually happen. And that stinks.




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Amy said...

For a while, I could not get to the gym at all. Hated the idea of working out from home until I really got started.

Started with Gilad - retro Bodies in Motion and Total Body Sculpt mixed with a little treadmill and running outside with the dreaded stroller. Got a few weights.

Added some biking with the trailer, more treadmill. Inhale yoga a couple of times a week. Got some more weights and a pull-up tower.

Cathe Friedrich added. No more Bodies in Motion. Lots of running at the track.

Here's what I like: I can work out anytime. 5am, 11:30(when he used to be good at napping), after the kids get home from school, after the kids go to sleep. I would not have enough time to get to the gym and back to get the same kind of workout in, plus my ADD kicks in when I have to stand around waiting for any equipment/ mat space - I am too impatient for that. I do miss going to a class and hanging out with a few people at the gym, but my exercise/ activity is much more consistent now that I do it from home.

Now I could get to the YMCA (my favorite around here), but don't think the benefit would outweigh the cost right now. I really like my exercise routine as it is. If I'm really jonesing for a gym workout, I go to the YMCA on a day pass (maybe once a month or month-and-a half).

That money for a gym membership adds up for some great shoes, clothes, and extras that I wouldn't feel comfortable buying with the extra cost of the gym in our budget.