Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Puffy Pink Jacket Test

In 2004 I got a puffy pink winter jacket. Soft and cozy. Since 2006 I have been unable to wear it. Mainly, because I'd gotten too big. Not a good feeling when you can't zipper your coat. Not a good feeling at all.

SO, yesterday, when the windchill was a big fat ZERO, I decided to try it on and gues what?! It's ROOMY! Not only does it fit, but it's comfy and cozy and ROOMY! I could wear a sweatshirt under that thing and still be comfy!

That, my friends, is weight loss progress.


Your Greatest Protection said...

I am VERY proud of you! I meant to tell you that today, how good you look. I was just not feeling real good so here goes, "Brandi, you really look good. You have lost a lot of weight! Nice Job."

Just Me said...

*lol* Aw, shucks, thanks, Dad! =)