Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Pants Are Too Big

Really. They're too big. I know that one of the results of losing weight is that you actually get smaller, but I'm just not financially prepared to invest in a new wardrobe. What's a girl to do?

I've brainstormed some ideas...tell me what you think...

1) Pin the falling-down-to-my-feet pants at the sides and hope the pin doesn't come apart. (Have you ever had that happen? You sit down and OMG! the pin comes apart and you feel like you've been shot?! Yeah, it hurts. A LOT.)

2) Start wearing only stretch pants. Sadly, they don't look any better now than they did 4 sizes ago, but at least they stay put.

3) Make EVERY day pajama day.

4) Eat more and forget the whole "fit" thing.

Seriously, I need some input here. Anyone? Anyone? Bueler? *sigh*


Lori Goree said...

I say make every day a pajama day! It is liberating. I do it and I love it! :)

Your Greatest Protection said...

Santa is coming. If you've been good maybe he'll get you some clothes.