Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday's Blog Giveaway!

Today's the day! We're having a Blog Giveaway!

Featured today is the "Plant a Tree - Join ArtFire" cell phone cozy! My cell phone is not included - sorry! I always grab my ID, debit card and cell phone when I head out the door to exercise or play with the kids. And, I know this will be a shocker, I always end up dropping something or forgetting where I put my license, etc. It's a mess. SO, I made the cell phone cozy.

THIS cell phone cozy will make talking about ArtFire easy if you're as excited about it as I am. The conversation may go something like this:

"Hey," says your friend. "Nice cell phone cozy."
"Thanks! I won it from a blog giveaway at and wow, that lady is just awesome and you should read her blog and buy her things on ArtFire."
"What's ArtFire?"
"It's this really cool site where you can buy and sell handmade things. For each person that registers they're donating a tree. See? Tree on the cozy and now a tree in the forest, because I registered."
"Does it cost anything to register?"
"No! It's free! Sign-up today! And if you want your own cell phone cozy just go to"

I especially like the beginning of the suggested conversation, so be sure to include it. hehehehe

Anyway, to win your very own Plant A Tree - Join ArtFire Cell Phone Cozy just email me at GymMama {*at*} GymMama dot net. (Obviously, you'll need to format that into an actual email address.)

If you don't win, you can always purchase your very own handy dandy cozy (and great marketing tool!) at

Good luck!

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Jen said...

Cute giveaway! Good luck everyone!