Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Want Ads, Mileage and Giveaways

6 miles. Last night at work. Really, I think someone should start touting the benefits of being a CNA and we'd get a lot more qualified and highly motivated people to come work at the nursing home. Heck with this "hire anyone" philosophy. We need an ad that says, "Come workout while at work! This position guarantees a minimum of 5 miles of walking each and every shift. Lose weight, make a difference and get paid!"

Maybe I should suggest it to the HR guy.

I was sort of excited when I actually calculated the mileage I get each week at work. It's between 25-30 miles every week. When I work on the weekends it goes up to about 35 miles. Not too shabby.

And now that I'm focusing on it, it's fun and a challenge!

And, can I just say that I am loving the NextFitness workouts?! Holy moly, why didn't I discover them sooner?!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway on for a 3 month subscription. It's a great giveaway and if no one enters I'm keeping it all to myself. =)

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