Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow, Soap & Ooey Gooey Fudge

Oh, how the days go by! It seems like just yesterday that I updated and, alas, it's now February. Where in the world did January go?

So, I've been having contests with myself at night when I work. Slightly pathetic, I know, but true. I keep trying to beat the previous night's steps. Apparently, my self-imposed challenge has been paying off, because I got another one of those, "Hey, have you lost more weight? You look great!" comments this weekend. I love those. In fact, I love those so much it makes me want to celebrate. With cookies and brownies and ooey gooey fudge. Not to worry. I refrain from the self-indulgence and simply say thanks. But I think about it.

The soap is going well. Last night's lip balm review from the ladies at work was phenomenol! "You should sell this!" Um, yep, that's kind of the point, thanks. (Don't worry, I didn't say that. I just smiled. And thought about cookies. And ooey gooey fudge brownies.)

I'm also on Facebook these days. Under a name not formerly known as Prince. It's funny to see how we've all grown. It's even nicer to see how friends from kindergarten have remained the same. You know who you are and you know I adore you.

Okay, it's time to shovel or just play in the flurries with the kids. Good cardio, right? =)

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