Monday, January 26, 2009

Working Weekend

It was a weekend of 12 hour days at work. 12 hour days and 26 miles of walking. Holy moly. Makes me not feel so guilty about eating that ice cream sundae.

Two of my residents passed on Friday. One in the early AM hours and one on Friday afternoon when I wasn't there. They were both suffering, so it was a blessing that they were called home, but so, so hard for the families. Isn't that the way it always is?

So, youngest son came with me to work for 2 hours on Saturday morning for some bonding time. The good thing about the place where I work is that they love kids and you're able to bring your kids in anytime you need or want to. Saturday was the first time I'd ever brought one of them in while I was working, but he loved it and, of course, he was fawned over by everyone. Who can resist a cute faced, red haired 5 year old?

Little did I know when I arrived on Saturday morning though that they'd started construction on replacing the remainder of the sewer pipe. Directly under the front desk where I was supposed to be sitting. For two days my chair was perched precariously on a huge sheet of plywood that was covering a gaping 2' hole. And did I mention that they had something going on with the ceiling, so 50% of the ceiling tiles directly above my head were tilting down? I kept waiting for them to fall on me so I could leave early. hehehehe No such luck.

Oh well. =)

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