Saturday, January 17, 2009

Be Active, Laugh Often, Cherish Every Moment

You get a whole new perspective when working with people in a nursing home. You suddenly realize that life is short. Really short. At 20, ninety seems ancient. At 90, twenty seems like yesterday. "I can't believe I'm this old," is a common thing to hear.

There's a lot to be learned from the people I care for everyday. Cherish every moment with family. Live in the present. Feed your body healthy things. Work hard at whatever gift you've been given. Pray. Forgive. Stay active - both physically and mentally. Laugh often. Don't compromise yourself for anyone or anything. Give what you can.

There's more, but last night those were the suggestions given. I ask. Every night, while I'm caring for someone I ask them what lessons they want to pass on, what they've learned about life. It's powerfully validating for them and invaluable to me.

So, today, be active, laugh often and cherish every moment. Life truly is too short.

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