Monday, April 13, 2009

10 Reviews in 20 Days

What's your favorite home exercise DVD? I need your suggestions, wonderful blog readers, because I'm going to review ten of them and give away my favorite! I'd like to start the reviews next Monday, so that means I need some serious suggesting.

So, please, leave a comment with your favorite exercise DVD. Yoga, pilates, name it and I'll give it a shot! Although, I'm a bit wary of the exercise ball DVDs (and with good reason), so you may want to pick something else.

AND to thank you for your help with the suggestions I'll have a special prize for the people who suggest the 10 DVDs I review! I know you're excited.... =)

1 comment:

Marion said...

My favorite DVD is Leslie Sansone's 3 mile walk. It takes about an hour and you get to move legs & arms. Great cardio workout.