Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Body Challenge

Well, I guess my inability to remove myself from email lists may be slightly advantageous. Hefty emphasis on slightly. Discovery Health is, apparently, having a Spring Body Challenge and you too are invited to join.

What will you receive that will make your life oh so much better, you ask? Well, according to the email here's what's included:

"Join now and receive FREE:

* 2 week Bally Total Fitness® membership*
* Custom meal plans with over 1,000 easy, healthy recipes
* Progressive fitness plans, tailored for you by experts
* 24/7 support from successful Challengers
* Individualized weight and fitness trackers
* Video and interactive tools from fitness and weight loss professionals
* A weekly e-newsletter filled with recipes, tools and helpful articles"

There was a whole bunch of legal disclaimer stuff about the 2 week Bally's pass. Like you have to print it out and redeem it between today and May 11, 2009. I didn't read all of the teeny tiny fine print, but I'm guessing you'll also have to listen to a sales pitch from a blond muscled guy named Sven. Those sales pitches start out okay, but then they turn ugly.

They turn ugly when things start to them weighing you and calculating your BMI with that "Holy cow, I can't believe you're not strapped to a heart monitor and iv drip" expression on their perfectly tan faces. You know, I'm needing blog material so much, that I may just go and take them up on a free trial. I'll sacrifice because I know you all need a good fitness related laugh.

I'll keep you posted.

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Marion said...

I tried to sign up but apparently the site isn't running properly because it kept coming back to the same page. I'll try again later.