Thursday, April 16, 2009

How'd She Get So Much Energy?

My mom and dad flew in last night for some time with the family. Not to mention business meetings, doctor's appointments and mad dash shopping that they can't do on their island. After spending part of the day with my mom I am convinced that she has some serious stamina.

I think it hit me about the time I sat down to eat lunch. A lunch that she had cheerfully and perkily (is that even a word?!) made after we got back from a marathon shopping trip to Super Walmart. Super Walmart a.k.a "The Vast Vortex of Time and Space Where You Can Waste 10 Hours And Never Even Know It." Seriously, sometimes that place scares me.

We somehow had made it out of Walmart and I was dragging. The cold medicine is not working and I was ready for a nap. But not my mom! No sirree! She was like the Energizer Bunny just zipping along. God bless her! Maybe it's because she has to zoom around to get groceries and go to the bank at home that she can maintain such a pace. Maybe I'm just lazy.

Either way, I have regained my appreciation for my mother's ability to shop and run errands faster than any other human being I have ever met. Mom, you put me to shame!

Now, while you're cooking dinner I'm just going to go take a quick little nap...

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