Monday, April 20, 2009

Camels and Gilad

It's not that I like to pick on Gilad, it's just that it's so easy. Yes, he's a studly hunk of burning love to some, but for me he just brings back memories of high school. Although, I have to admit, he can move pretty darn fast for his age.

The other day we were flipping through the channels at my brother's house and happened upon FitTV. There, in all his high-def glory, was Gilad. Gilad and four other workout people, some dancers, a guitar player and some camel overlays. I don't know if it was just my brother's tv or what, but the images seemed strangely compacted. Everyone looked oddly short and stumpy. The strangest part was that while they were exercising the producer would through in these weird overlay images of camels. Seriously, I have no idea why a camel image would encourage one to exercise more vehemently, but apparently they thought it would motivate the watchers.

We sat there, staring in open-mouthed fascination/horror, for quite some time. The baby broke the spell when she breathed, "OH!" as the camel popped on the screen for the fifth time. It brought us all back to reality and the channel was quickly changed. For a moment though, we were all under the power of Gilad's workout. It was truly frightening.

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Beadin By The Sea said...

Things that others take seriously can be all the more funny to others who see it as hilarious. It may have been just a great moment for you all to laugh together, thanks to those camels!