Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Repeat After Me: Cell Phones Are Not Trash

It's a little lesson I have to teach my 16 month old daughter. Cell phones, no matter how battered they look, while they are still under contract and being used, do not belong in the trashcan.

My best friend called me on my cell phone at 8am yesterday morning. Only best friends and close family can call that early, so don't get any ideas. We chatted and she got to hear snippets of my conversations with my children like "Don't hit me with your Lightsaber!" and "Keep your clothes on!" Good times.

Well, I hung up and settled myself for some email checking and coffee drinking. The cell phone was casually placed on the side table. Big mistake. Shae-zilla was playing and throwing things away. Like the tv remote. Well, I caught the remote and decided to empty the garbage.

Later, on the way out the door with my dad, I realized my cell phone was nowhere in sight. Figuring I would find it later I went out and forgot that I couldn't find it until 8:30 last night. I called it repeatedly to no avail. Usually, I can hear it ring and find it that way.

Then, that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach grew. Trashcan by the table. No cell phone. Trash with dirty diapers now outside in the garbage can in the rain. So, I opened the back door and called the number again. Sure enough my trash started to ring.

Did I mention it was raining? Pouring, soaking, bone cold rain. *Insert me digging through a trash bag full of dirty diapers and coffee grounds trying to find my phone.*

Thankfully, it was found and properly sterilized. Yuck. So, can you guess what today's lesson is going to be? That's right, repeat after me, "Cell phones are not trash."

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