Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cake Decoration...Not My Forte

I would like to be one of those moms who make gorgeous homemade birthday cakes for their children year after year. In fact, my own mother is one of those moms and I have pictures of her Holly Hobby cakes from my early birthdays to prove it. Alas, the cake decorating gene apparently skips a generation and my children are left with my pathetic attempts to create cakes that don't terrify or nauseate.

All three children's birthdays happen during a three week time span between mid-November and early-December, so I had my work cut out for me. Here are the results....

The guitar cake. Approved by the oldest only because of the immense amount of candy and sugary icing.

The pirate ship cake. Famous for its running M&Ms and horribly minty port holes.

And, finally, the Monkey Face cake. The only part of this cake that Little Miss wanted was the donut ears and Peppermint Patty eyes. Smart girl.

Of course, all three did turn out better than the pink Elmo cake, Spiderman giving the bird cake and the lopsided pink balloon cake. Isn't that a scary thought.


jinx1764 said...

LOL! Great pics...I remember Holly mom must be like your mom cause she hand stitched me a Holly Hobby doll when I was 5. I still can sew!

Marion said...

Theses cakes aren't so bad. You did your best. As long as the kids love them, that's what really matters.

Gym Mama said...

"Aren't so bad". Now that's what I call encouragement. LOL!