Saturday, January 2, 2010

Progress As We Know It

Well, I am happy to report that Day 1 of my hundred day challenge saw me showered (yes, you're quite welcome) and exercised. My husband was aghast that daily showers had to be on my to-do list, but seriously, getting things done alone with 3 kids, especially with one of them being 2 years old, is sometimes more effort than it's worth.

Laundry was done, dinner was planned out for tonight (we're having meatloaf, baked potatoes and green beans, by the way) and I didn't yell. Not once. Imagine that.

We also sat down as a family at breakfast and came up with our top 5 personal goals for the year and our top 5 family goals, as well. The boys were actually very into it and the 6 year old listed such things as "Learn to read and write better" and "Learn how to play better with my little sister." The 8 year old said he wanted to "Learn how to make cakes and cupcakes" and "Learn how to play the guitar." Even Sweet Pea got in on the list making and said she wanted to "Go potty in the potty." Really. And I didn't even pressure her. Honest! Daddy said he wanted to "Plant a soup garden" and "Grow fruit." As a family we came up with things like "Weekly game nights" and "Read together more." It was a tradition I'd like to continue every year.

Then we played Wii bowling together and I slammed my right index finger into the edge of the computer hutch. My first Wii related injury has left my finger swollen and the Tylenol bottle two pills lighter.



Marion said...

Maybe we need to buy you some protective gear for your birthday! :-)

Gym Mama said...

Ha! Actually, that's not a bad idea. My finger is *still* slightly swollen. Ugh! =)

Dru'el the Chaotic said...

maybe wrap the entire Wii area in bubble-wrap...

btw, what's your Wii ID#?
ours is 4880 3446 4266 2074 .
if I enter yours, and you enter ours, we can trade Mii's .