Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Day. Or Maybe Not.

When half of the house's electricity was out this morning and the coffee pot outlet was affected, I knew it was going to be A Day. Added to the fact that I came down with a fever last night and have felt rotten all day, the lack of a call back from the electrician and no power to the microwave just compounded the issue.

However, there were definitely some funny moments...

like when my mom excitedly pointed out a Trifecta of Geek Squad vehicles in the Best Buy parking lot. See the flickr thumbnail to the right or click on my flickr page for a larger view. Anyway, a Trifecta. Pointed out by my mother. That, in and of itself, was hysterical. The fact that there was a Geek Squad truck parked next to a Geek Squad van parked next to a Geek Squad Beetle was also enough to dissolve me into laughter. If only you could have seen us....driving around trying to get a shot of the Geek Squad vehicles for you. Seriously funny.

And then when we were driving home the boys kept teasing that the truck two cars in front of us had dead animals in the back. My mother and I, being the practical women we are and knowing that no one in their right mind would be driving around town with dead animals in the back of their truck, said, "Boys, don't say another word. That's not nice and I don't like how you're talking." That is, until we got closer to the truck and saw that the enormous piles of stuff in the back were actually GIANT dead animals. We're still not sure if they were deer or cattle....or some mutant species. You can check out the flickr thumbnail for that one too. In fact, enlarge it and let me know what you think they are. My mom tried very hard to snap a shot as we were driving, but the car in front of us wouldn't get out of our way. We contemplated, okay I contemplated, following it around until we could get a good shot for you, but there was milk in the car. Maybe next time. Because those things happen so frequently around here, you see. No, not really. Thank heavens.

And despite me being sick and not having coffee with cream (blech), the kids were really amusing. That's worth its weight in gold.

And then there were some really awesome moments....

like when Dan came home tonight and brought me medicine and water, because my temperature was almost 101. That's good. And much needed.

And then a friend sent me a Bible verse....Matthew 11:28. "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." I can't even begin to tell you how absolutely perfect that verse was tonight. I think sometimes I'm so assured that I'll find the right verse that I forget that God puts other people in my life to share them with me too. Tonight was a good reminder of that. So, thank you, friend-who-shall-remain-nameless, but you know who you are.

And finally, a good conversation and connection with an old friend who definitely cheered me up and made me laugh. It was most excellent.

So, as I sit, yawning over the fact that I am still not done working at 12:30 in the morning and that a 6 year old has taken over my half of the bed already, I can't help but think that the day ended on a very nice and much needed note. Thanks to all who participated.


Sue said...

Brandi, this is the blog to beat all blogs!!!
It has everything!!
Power cuts, Mum geek squad watching, dead animal chasing, sickness, overworking (again), laughter throughout ... I am in awe!
Your life is quite, quite mad isn't it?
I'm sorry you're poorly Brandi - that is a very high temperature. You never mentioned on 'you know where' that you are ill, you're always quick to ask how I am but you need to tell me too.
Re the photo of the dead animals - I think they are cows but it's so hard to tell - you should have chucked your milk and chased the truck - you can always get more milk but will you ever see dead livestock getting away? Probably not.
This blog was a joy to read :-D

Gym Mama said...

"you should have chucked your milk and chased the truck - you can always get more milk but will you ever see dead livestock getting away? Probably not."

That right there is THE funniest thing I have read all week. Sue, you made my day! My mom and I had quite a laugh when we read it. =)

So happy to have you reading! =)