Thursday, August 26, 2010

Electric, Food, and Sleep. In That Order.

So, I have resorted to calling a local electrician that I tweet with on Twitter (say that 5 times fast). He's supposed to be coming out Thursday afternoon and after I get done remortgaging the house to pay for his services, I'm hopeful that I'll be able to use the toaster oven once again. You know it's a bad sign when you explain the problem, then there's a long pause, and the words, "That really doesn't sound good."

Goodbye, savings account. I will miss you dearly.

I'll be sure to keep you informed. I know you're just dying to find out when I can use my dishwasher again. And my washing machine. And the television. And the overhead lights in the dining room and living room. And Shae's air conditioner. And the front porch light. And the treadmill. Because it makes sense that they'd all go out at the same time, right? Without tripping the breaker. Any breaker. Scary, I know. Please pray for an easy and inexpensive fix. I'm thinking maybe something in the $100 range would be awesome....and a complete fantasy. Oi.

I would have scheduled someone to come today, but alas, we spent the day at Shady Maple. It sounds like a rest home, doesn't it? You know, with the number of senior citizens there today, it could quite easily qualify as one. (Sorry, Mom.)

Actually, it's a giant smorgasboard of Pennsylvania Dutch food with some Chicken Parm and pizza thrown in. It's reasonably priced if you like to gorge yourself. I'm a sucker for their breakfasts, but I don't usually eat all that much for lunch. Of course, I do make sure I sample the shoo-fly pie and homemade peach bread. The kids were thrilled with the soup today....and the ice cream.

Shae decided at one point that she needed to use the bathroom, so I took her out of the highchair and she very loudly announced her departure to our table....and the surrounding ones. In fact, she was so loud that the people at the table next to us turned around and started chatting with her....and staring at me....presumably for having a very excited and vocal 2 year old. The gentleman with the hearing aide did not seem to be bothered, but the man without one couldn't help but chuckle. She's a very enthusiastic child.

Of course, when we returned, and she loudly announced that she had gone to the bathroom in the potty, she was greeted with congratulations by my aunts and great-aunts, as well as the table next to us. Adorable, in a just-learning-to-go-potty sort of way.

After lunch I took the kids down to the play area while my mom and aunts chatted. There was a non-working, but fully climbable ice cream truck ride. It had a sign on the side that read "Mr. Softy's Delicious Ice Cream." There's just something not right about that. Seriously..."Mr. Softy"? That's just wrong. I took a picture so you could marvel at the sheer inappropriateness of advertising Mr. Softy's delicious anything on a children's ride too. Don't worry, you don't have to thank me. After the dead animal pictures, this one is quite tame.

While I am feeling a bit better, two hours of driving and no nap have left me useless for the night. I cannot wait to li down. So, even with work left unfinished for the day, I'm off to bed before 1am. It's going to snow, I know. And I'll probably regret my decision to not keep working when I stare at the enormous list of writing left undone in the morning. But right now, I'm following the advice of Matthew 11:28 and letting go.


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