Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Game Called WWF.

I know what you're thinking when you see WWF, but trust me it's not a wrestling game that I secretly play when no one's watching. Although, can you imagine if it was? How funny would that be! No,'s a word game that I have on my iPhone. An Apple app that is horribly addicting and tons of fun...even if I lose most of the time.

The part about this app that makes it so much fun is that you play with random, total strangers for the most part. That means, that you never who you'll be playing with or where they'll be from. I've played with people in Australia, England, Scotland, the U.S. and probably other places, but I just didn't know it. It's fun to make the world a little smaller by making connections with those who you wouldn't normally meet.

Now, unlike most WWF players, I'm chatty. I can't help myself really. I'm insatiably curious about who I'm playing with. Why? Well, because everyone has a story. Everyone is unique and intriguing in their own way. And that's fun to discover.

I've played with a truck driver from the south who has a gaggle of grandkids, a businessman from a nearby state who was able to give us great vacation advice this summer, a college student from Sydney, a funny and amazingly sweet mom and teacher from England who reads my blog (God bless you woman!), a Southern gent who generously worked with me on an article for (quite literally) hours! and who I can talk scripture with as easy as anything else, a hard-working man in California who spends his waking hours making supplies for his wife's roller derby team (and beating me consistently at every game, thank you very much), and a guy in Scotland who laughs that I get drunk on a half-glass of wine. Everyone has their own story and it's fun to get to know snippets of their lives. Because, even though the information we share is rather vague, it's fun to learn about people.

I find it intensely exciting to see who God places in my path through this game. As I've said before, I think there is purpose in even the most random of things.

I also play with my younger brother....and am happy to say that I have won every game so far. For those of you who know my WWF skills, that's a shocker, I know.

So, if you see me focused on a game, if I smile when I get a message that it's my turn to's because those connections to those formerly unknown names are now connections to friends. People who inquire about my day as readily as I inquire about theirs. People who are leaving fingerprints in my life, on my heart and on my soul.

It's funny how a word game can connect people, if you let it.


Sue said...

I know I commented about this blog on aforementioned WWF, but as I've read this three times now I thought I'd comment here too!
I have a shortcut to your blog next to my WWF app on my homepage (I AM getting sadder by the hour) so, how's that for dedication!!!
I've taken a leaf out of your book Brandi, and chatted to 3 more people and yet I feel such a closeness to you that just will not be equalled by any number of new 'buddies'!
It's our faith that really bought us together isn't it? I know I can be a right ol' moaner and you are genuinely interested why I've got 'the hump' :-)
So, I love your blogs (you may have guessed this already) and I like catching up with your news and this is so much more permanent than the fragmented WWF !!
Thank you for the lovely mention, but I want to 'meet' your other buddies too !!
I send you my love
Sue x x x

Gym Mama said...

Sue! Once again, your comment made my day! =)

I think it truly is faith that binds or at least opens the door. It's a blessing indeed. =)

And yes, of course, I AM genuinely interested! Your comments and wwf greetings always make me smile. What a blessing it is to draw the world a little closer through simple conversation and prayer.

Much love to you as well!