Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just an Everyday Kind of Weekend.

It was a productive weekend filled with lots of work and lots of snuggles. We knew Gabe was feeling better on Saturday morning when we awoke to him laughing - loudly! - in the hallway at 5:30. That boy only has one volume and it's LOUD. When he didn't make hardly any noise on Friday, we knew he wasn't feeling well. But by Saturday, he was fine (and back to being loud!) and Shaelyn was adamant that she too was feeling much better. Thank heavens!

Dan took the kids with him to his mom's house on Saturday morning, so I could work. A blessing indeed! Out of the 53 articles that I wanted to get done this weekend, all but 8 of them are now completed. Since the other ones don't have deadlines until the end of the week, I'm thrilled. Here's hoping that my eyes find sleep before 2am every single night this week!

Saturday night found me relaxing while watching Cops and eating popcorn. Yep, really.

After church this morning I napped with Shaelyn and awoke to find it raining. The kids slipped on their flip flops and made a mad dash for the front door where we stood watching them as they jumped in puddles and ran around like crazy. The rule of the house is that playing in the rain is a given unless there's thunder and lighting. Today's rain was soft and warm; a perfect summer rain for playing in the puddles.

Back inside for a Sesame Street movie and a dose of Veggie Tales they went, while I hopped on the treadmill for a run. This time I remembered to shut the "Shake to Shuffle" option off the iPod before the run, so it was much easier to actually listen to music. Imagine that.

Then bedtime saw an ample amount of snuggles with the kids. They look so sweet - and QUIET - when they're asleep. Quiet is NEVER a word we can claim to have in our house, so we appreciate the hours of silence when they occur and cherish the sound of their voices when they're awake (and after we've started the coffee iv drip for the day).

Nothing too exciting, but sometimes those are the best weekends of all.

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