Sunday, August 1, 2010


I like to be in control of things. It's true, and probably not much of a shocker to those of you who have known me for longer than 5 minutes. I like to plan and strategize and accomplish. That's not bad, but I often forget to just LET God use me.

Today's sermon really hit home. We talked about how we're always rushing and planning to do things FOR God, like Martha did when Jesus was visiting her and Mary. She was so busy trying to make dinner that she got annoyed that Mary was just sitting and listening and not helping her. When she asked Jesus to tell Mary to help her, he said that Mary was making the better choice. Martha was being practical. After all, they had to eat, but being practical cost her the wiser path.

I'm pretty certain that Jesus would have fed everyone dinner Himself if Martha had chosen to just sit and be with Him. After 5000, this small dinner party would have been a breeze.

If Martha would have LET Him take care of her, He would have. The Bible tells us that over and over again. If we LET God in and LET Him use us to accomplish His work, life is simple. Uncomplicated. Far from anxious....

But LETTING God be in control is difficult. At least for me - most of the time. It goes against the practical side of my nature. But, I think I need to be less like Martha and more like Mary.

I downloaded an app for my iPhone - BridgeFM - it's a Christian music station. I heard the song "God is in Control" today and it made me pause. Because while I firmly believe that God can and wants to use my life, I do NOT believe that He controls this world. The Bible tells us that Satan does. So, to send the message that God controls everything we do and our paths are predestined, is just not Biblically accurate. Nor does it make sense.

What's one of the first things we learn as young children in the church? That God is love, right? Love does not cause disease and heartache and tragedy. Love heals those things. God is in those moments when you're at your weakest, but He doesn't cause them. He doesn't put you through misery to "learn a lesson." But He's there with you, fighting for you, when those times come. It's a powerful distinction.

So, you have a choice, I have a choice. Do you let God use you where you are and accomplish His work with a joyful heart? Or do you rebel against it? Should you try new opportunities or go after positions as they come up? I believe so, but I think it's also important to remember that it's not whether or not those things come to pass that matters. What matters is that you tackle them for the right reasons and LET His grace fill you no matter how things turn out.

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