Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mom Gone Wild.

I did the most exciting thing last night. It was called "go shopping at Target all by myself"! Now, for those of you without kids or who don't normally go shopping with 3 small children in tow...let me just say that this was super exciting. Did you know they actually have carts that don't take a CDL to drive?! It was thrilling!

And, as if simply being there wasn't exciting enough, I did something truly indulgent. I browsed! At clothes, nonetheless! I know, I felt like I should have been in Moms Gone Wild or something. Did you know there are all sorts of wonderfully comfortable looking clothes out there? It's true!

I ended up with a couple new tank tops for lounging and a shirt that's called a Boyfriend Tee. Now, the only reason I can think that it might be called that is because it has a small little pocket at heart level that's big enough for a condom packet. Yes, I did just type that. And no, my daughter will never wear a such a shirt.

While my purchases amount to school uniforms for the kids' co-ops and vacuum cleaner bags, simply being able to browse, alone, was delightful. I highly recommend it!

A 45-minute shower, a good book and a small bowl of chocolate ice cream were the perfect end to a relatively restful day.

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