Friday, August 20, 2010

Pictures. I'm Trying.

I've been trying to get over my complete distaste for pictures of myself. Really, I detest them. So, every day I hand one of the older two kids my phone and tell them to snap a picture. It doesn't always work out so well. Yesterday, there was picture of my boob (in my shirt, thank you very much), today there was a picture of half of my head. But we're getting there.

It's not that I don't like pictures, because I'm actually a big fan of snapshots....just not of me. I never have been. Ever. But I'm trying.

I'd rather shoot pictures of Geek Squad cars and pastries and funny movies (have you seen the Mall Cop photo? Mall cops on Segways are sexy....Ok, it's like 2am, give me a break, I'm drunk on cranberry juice - straight, no ice). Anyway, I'd rather take those photos because they make me smile while the ones of myself make me cringe.

But I'm trying.

So, while my photos may be more cupcakes and bike locks and traffic jams, they're still me. Not of me (obviously), but by me. And I like to share them with all of you, because they're snippets of my life.

And now, I really must go to bed before I ramble on any more and people start jeering at me. Or is it on me? Or is it just jeering? Where's Mimi when I need her?!


Sue said...

This is so funny Brandi, I completely understand!
I'm the family photographer/video-er too. I need at least 45 minutes to find a suitable angle/lighting/background before a photo of me is taken :-)
My late grandmother used to take dozens of holiday snaps and they was always a vast amount of blue sky and lots of foreheads! The number varied according to how may people she got to pose.
We spent many a happy hour trying to 'spot the forehead' !!
P.s. I love your eclectic photo albums!!

Gym Mama said...

Spot the forehead! Sue, that's hysterical! My grandmother would just cut people out of the photo completely. Her aim was not so good. Lol!!