Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some Useless Stuff (with a dash of humor on the side).

Poor Gabe woke up to a lost voice and lots of congestion. An afternoon doctor's visit yielded the pink Amoxicillin stand-by and a trio of Mr. Potato Head stickers. And two creepy guys at the doctor's office who kept chatting up Shae. Back away from my daughter, misters, or I WILL take you down.

Seriously, what kind of crazy person tells a 2 year old who they're not related to, or KNOW for that matter, to come give them a kiss?!? If you're the Hangman playing type, I'm thinking of a word that's 7 letters, begins with a P, ends with a T and has E, R and V in the middle.

Unfortunately, the pink bubblegum atrocity, also known as, an antibiotic did nothing for Gabe except make him throw up tonight. Nice. Poor kid is still in there wheezing away with a hot pad on his chest, a vaporizer by his bed and a slathering of Vicks Vapo Rub so thick I'm getting loopy from a room and a half away.

I hate when the kids are sick. I'd rather be sick for them and hear them laughing and playing. The random bursts of screaming I can do without, but laughing and singing is fine. Although, if Shae sings The B-I-B-L-E one more time I think my head just might explode. Fair warning.

Well, onto other useless news...the kids came back to get the bike locks around 8 tonight after they were finished with football practice. There were 4 of them who needed locks, so I was glad I had picked up a couple extra. You could have heard a pin drop when one of them asked me, "Do, you like, make bike locks or something? Is that why you have them?" and I replied, "No, I bought them for you so your bikes don't get stolen." In that moment I had four big, dumbfounded young teen boys standing on my doorstep. Imagine, some woman they don't even know buying them bike locks simply because they need them. It had to be a first for them. Then huge smiles broke out, followed by "wows" and "thank yous" and "I really appreciate this". One even asked me to show him how to work the combination lock. Imagine that. Good times. All they need now are bike helmets.

Although, it did make me wonder...do I really look so handy that I could actually MAKE a metal chain and bike lock? Really? Because if I do, someone really needs to tell me. I could be missing out on a calling I didn't even know I had.

Speaking of callings...I think I hear my bed calling for company...or it may just be the echo of Kato snoring. It's hard to tell sometimes.

Question of the day: Cut it or let it grow?
My hair is getting long again...mid-way down my back long which is good for the curls, but not so good for the heat...can't decide whether I should get it cut or keep it long. Although, truthfully, by the time I manage to actually GET to the salon it could be down to my lower back - so keep that in mind when responding.

P.S. - Yes, Mom, I think it's a FABULOUS idea to go to WDW next summer. Just in case you missed my response in the last post, because I wouldn't want you to think we don't want to go. ;-)

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Marion said...

Sorry Gabe is so sick. Hope he feels better real soon. That was so nice of you to buy locks for those kids and that they were thankful. You have a kind soul. Maybe Shae will sing B-I-B-L-E for us when we come over Friday morning. :-)